Do you ever argue with your friends about which is better, food or sex? Do you ever wake up for a little morning nookie—but find yourself torn between sex and breakfast? And, honestly, do you ever just wish you could make sweet, sweet love to your favorite culinary delight? Well, Street's all about making dreams come true. So, in honor of our Spring Dining Guide, we asked several couples to take gastronomy to the bedroom. 

1. Ice Cream Sundae: Talenti gelato (Ed. Note: You're going to want the good stuff if it's going on your naked body), whipped cream, chocolate sauce

The Plan: "To conduct this experience in the bathroom to avoid a huge mess."

Feelings Before: "A little scared but also excited about the idea of combining dessert with sex, two of my favorite activities." Sounds like a sweet combination

Feelings During: "My dick is completely covered in syrup and is cold. It looks like a painting canvas."

Feelings After: "For the chocolate lovers out there, great way to incentivize your girl to give you a BJ."

Did it enhance your experience? "We were both very into it and would love to do it again."

Final Verdict: "It can't get much better than this. Only if you can jump in the shower right after, though."

Insider Tips: "Don't use all of the items at once. Use the chocolate syrup and whipped cream after the ice cream, since they're messier."

2. Sushi Dinner: Spicy tuna roll, shrimp tempura roll, shrimp shumai, edamame, miso soup. 

The Plan: "We wanted to work with different dishes to get some different shapes and textures involved."

Feelings Before: "Felt a little anxious, a lot excited."

Feelings During: "Miso soup is a bit messy but too delicious not to exploit. Dumplings and rolls were fun and easy, but beware of spicy mayo. Who knew edamame beans could serve as a unit of measurement?" (Ed. Note: We won't ask.)

Feelings After: "Holy shit. Also I need a shower."

Did it enhance your experience? "Fuck yes, what's next?"

Final Verdict: "Dope but not for people who don't know each other very well." We suppose that could turn out a bit fishy.

Insider Tips: Get the sushi rolls "inside out" because the rice "gets stuck."

3. Coconut Oil

The Plan: "No plan really. My room was freezing so we decided to get the oil hot, which, in retrospect, was a very bad idea because it burned him when I first poured some on him." Sometimes lukewarm can be a good thing.

Feelings Before: "The warm oil smelled like a tropical paradise and made us both a little hungry, not gonna lie."

Feelings During: "The coconut oil can be used for lots of things and was smoother and less thick than traditional lube. Things started smelling like mounds candy bars so we both got a little excited and decided to incorporate some chocolate sauce in there."

Feelings After: "We were both very, very, very pleasantly surprised. There were a couple of mishaps, though–I can't stress the 'very slippery' factor enough 'cause a little friction is required to keep things in place." 

Did it enhance your experience? "Not not doing this again."

Final Verdict: "Best moisturizer ever. I am so soft now." His words: "This is better than lube, and lube is definitely not just for sex."

Insider Tips: "Definitely put a towel or big blanket on your bed, since things get messy. Also, this oil is very hard to get off, so make sure your shower is big and you're not going to be squished and hitting each other trying to scrub it off." 


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