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Fiona Herzog


Zendaya's 'Challengers' Shines With Pure Delight and Depravity

Tennis is exciting when full of techno, sex, and attractive actors.

Consumers Aren’t Dumb; They Are Deprived of Access.

Popularity and profitability in film are not in odds with artistic merits.

Twisted Romance on Screen

'May December' and 'Saltburn' explore the gray zones between love and obsession.

Holocaust Representation in "The Zone of Interest' "

Street discusses how Glazer's unconventional film techniques portray the Holocaust in a new horrific light.

Rediscovering Film Outside the Comfort of Our Room

How to rediscover love for film in spite of the allure of scrolling endlessly.

A Conversation on 'The Boy and the Heron'

Hayao Miyazaki begs the fundamental question of our existence in his final swan song.

Emerald Fennell Wants You to React to 'Saltburn'

“Did you think the film is unnecessarily weird or explicit?” “No, it's awesome.”

The Twisted Actions of 'Eileen' Left Me Yearning For More

The film's writers talk about the creation of 'Eileen'.

Embracing History for a Hopeful Look into the Future

Recent successes in Asian American representation don't diminish a history of erasure. 

Pho 75 is a Classic That Demands Your Attention

A bowl of delicious pho is a soothing remedy for hunger and homesickness.

Miyazaki’s Ma in Sound

How the silence between claps connects us all.
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