Nostalgia isn’t a bad thing. But it doesn’t hurt to try something new every once and awhile. Street took the music you jammed out to at uncomfortable middle school dances or listened to broodingly during that period when you kept a diary for a couple months in 8th grade and we found the bands you should be listening to now. We know you were such a complicated pre-teen but take some advice and discover some new favorite tunes for your post-braces life.

You Liked: The All American Rejects

Listen to: Delta Spirit

You loved The All American Rejects because you felt cool and angsty when you got to shout “Hell!” during “Gives you Hell” and with such raw bangers like “It Ends Tonight” the band really spoke to you. Delta Spirit covers the whole range of emotions as well with slower, more introspective tracks like “Salt in the Wound” to the harder hitting ones such as “From Now On.” Overall, they’re just really solid rock music.

You liked: Lil Wayne

Listen to: Vince Staples

Given that Lil Wayne hasn’t put out anything even mildly worth listening to since Tha Carter III (lean is a hell of a drug, kids). You should probably be spending your listening energy elsewhere. While there are plenty up-and-coming rappers focus on, if you’re looking for someone a little more established, Vince Staples would be the way to go. If maybe you’re reminiscing about the good old days when you grinded for the first time to “Lollipop” listen to Staples’ own memories that seep through his critically-acclaimed debut album, Summertime ‘06.

You liked: Metro Station

Listen to: Everything Everything

Ah, the poppier side of the scene kids. (To clarify, we mean this kind of scene not this kind of scene). If you’re okay with a more mature genre of electronica-based pop rock that covers some heavier topics, Everything Everything is right up your alley.

You liked: Avril Lavigne

Listen to: Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

If you liked Avril more for her spunky rocker chick vibe rather than the fact she was married to the lead singer of Nickleback then try Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. Even though her style doesn’t include fingerless gloves and a single purple streak in her hair, Thao slays. On her latest album A Man Alive manages to create a sound that’s eclectic, plucky, touching, and powerful all in one. Listen to her if only for the girl power. (Plus, she's coming to Philly in April)

You liked: Dave Matthews Band

Listen to: Conner Youngblood

You were that kid with the older brother who let you smoke weed once with his friends. You were cool. You were refined. But let’s expand your taste a little bit past the musical berkenstock that is DMB, shall we? With breezy beats and a genuinely interesting style, Conner Youngblood brings something new to the acoustic guitar. We promise he’ll make you feel like the cool kid again.

You liked: Old Justin Bieber

Listen to: New Justin Bieber

Alright, let’s be real. He’s killing it right now. Keep doing what you’re doing. 


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