In order to create a diverse cast with maximum conflict capabilities, we’d need:

  • A small but scrappy Nursing student who tells it like it is and doesn’t get embarrassed easily
  • Two engineers: one the embodiment of the work–hard–play–hard mentality and the other someone so socially awkward even the machines at Honeygrow feel uncomfortable in his presence
  • Two College students: one frighteningly involved in political activism and saving “the arts,” and the other a benevolent pothead
  • One Wharton student: type A, hardo, makes sure to work in “I’m in Wharton” within the first eleven seconds of meeting someone
  • One M&T student: manages to spend more nights at Huntsman than the group home


We know you’ve been wondering what would happen to the AXO chapter house on Spruce now that it’s no longer occupied and OAX is a thing. Well, don’t be surprised when they replace the letters on the door with a shiny sign proclaiming it to be the temporary home of Real World: Penn participants.


The Wharton kid would be alone, but only because instead of making friends, he spends his time analyzing and strategizing as to which friend group would yield him the highest return should he decide to spend his time doing something other than humbly bragging about past accomplishments.

The benevolent pothead and the fratty engineer would hit it off right away, and both of them would get a weird sense of satisfaction out of getting the socially inept engineer to go out with them.

The nursing student would be the only one nice enough and politically correct enough to put up with the sensitivity of the artsy college kid, and the M&T student would just stare at pictures of fellow M&T kids hoping they would come and live in the house too.


The vote for the mandatory eviction would have the M&T kid kicked out due to failure to interact with anyone outside than M&T, but the benevolent pothead would fail the random drug-test and be asked to leave instead. M&T would be granted permission to stay, reducing him to tears.


  • The remaining college student would inevitably rant about how in the Wharton kid’s PowerPoint Presentation for how to create the most efficient chore system in the household refused to use gender neutral pronouns and assigned chores based on traditional gender roles. The Wharton kid would gush about how he just wanted the M&T kid to accept him as an intellectual equal.
  • The nurse would simply use the screentime as a means to get a break from everyone else and the remaining three participants would use their computer science skills to disable all of the cameras and free themselves from that hellhole.


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