Some people love running, some people find it to be the worst possible way to spend their time. No matter where along that spectrum you lay, there’s no denying that running is great exercise and that it's getting slightly more tolerable with the nice weather. We’ve made it one step better by giving you something to look forward to based on how far you want to run (or walk). And yes, all of those destinations are 100% food–based. Nothing gets me off my ass like the thought of a stack of pancakes.

1.3 miles–The Igloo

The best self–serve froyo in the city awaits you just over the South Street bridge. It’s an easy walk, and an even easier sprint. Make sure you get the Greek yogurt one—it tastes exactly like Yogorino—and then smother it in salted caramel and peanut butter flavors.

2223 Grays Ferry Ave.

2.8 miles–Cafe Lift

This stripped down brunch spot serves nothing but the absolute best. Their frittatas are unmatched, their huevos rancheros have been called life–changing and their hot sauce is next–level. To top it off, they have addressed the ultimate brunch hardship: sweet or savory? They offer a side of one pancake so you can have your eggs and eat cake too. But not just any pancake. You can get a side of lemon ricotta or PB&J pancake. I know, we’re in love too.

428 N. 13th St.

3.3 miles–Stargazy

Just over a 5K will take you to Philly’s own homemade traditional British pie–and–mash shop. They switch up their offerings every day, serving mushroom, kale and brie one day and a classic steak and kidney the next, with a few regulars like beef and onion you can always count on.

1838 E. Passyunk Ave.

4.9 miles–Frankford Hall

Wanna end your run with a beer, burger and big–ass Bavarian pretzel (with cheese dip)? Run across town and follow the river up north to Frankford Hall beer garden. You can sit outside and bask in the glory of pseudo–German experiences brought to you by the same guy who owns Pod and Parc. Once you’ve realized that schnitzel is really just flat, fancy chicken fingers but still savored every bite, you can hop right on the MFL Septa line and get back home in a jiffy.

1210 Frankford Ave.

6.9 or 8.1 miles– Winnie’s LeBus

When you want a long run and a bomb lunch after, head up MLK Drive (6.9 miles) or the Schuykill River Trail (8.1 miles) to Manayunk. LeBus breads are renowned in Philly, this place takes them to the next level with everything from killer sandwiches to omelettes to high protein six–grain pancakes to really fill you up post–run. Plus, the Regional Rail SEPTA line takes you right back to the University City station by Franklin Field, so you don’t have to worry about cabbing.

4266 Main St.

*Distances calculated from the Tampons


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