Some people may argue that there's nothing worse than going through a breakup. Those people are wrong. There's nothing worse than going through a breakup with a shitty playlist. Luckily, Street has some music suggestions for all of your post-relationship woes.

If your breakup was SAD…

i.e. you broke up due to distance/circumstances, you think you lost the love of your life, your ex was shitty but you’re really going to miss their dog

For God’s sake, stop playing Marvin’s Room on repeat and listen to this playlist:

If your breakup was ANGRY…

i.e. your ex cheated, forgot your birthday, got too drunk and peed in your bed

Fortunately for you, Beyonce just dropped THE angry breakup album of the century, Lemonade. Download Tidal and use your month long free subscription to bump that shit until your ears bleed. Once your month long subscription is up, cancel immediately (who the hell pays for Tidal?) and listen to this:


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