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Leigh Ann Eisenhauer


Some Notes From Your Econ TA

 If you’re going to write a shoutout for your TA referencing a concept you learned in class, make sure you actually understand the concept.

Election Reflection: Leigh Ann Eisenhauer C'18

It is highly unlike me to make political statements, but I can’t stay quiet. I am devastated.

Beer Running—It's a Thing

Train for your upcoming marathon while simultaneously training your liver for Homecoming Weekend.

The Finsta Phenomenon

A finsta offers an opportunity to reclaim social media, without the pressure to present an idealized image of their lives.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

 Although almost a third of students at Penn graduate with debt, the subject remains taboo.

Street's Summer Breakup Playlists

For God’s sake, stop playing Marvin’s Room on repeat.

Last Minute Summer Jobs

Street scoured Craigslist for the best of the worst last minute summer employment options.
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