Street loves freshmen! So much that we captioned the profile pics of our favorite members of the Penn 2020 Facebook group. 

It's kind of like Instacart, but instead of groceries, you just get this kid.

It’s not the airplane that bothers us, it’s the smugness.

Hoodie Allen’s love child. Conceived on an Owls couch. 

From the Beyond section of Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

Oh no, no one told her.

They don’t want you to jetski. They don’t want you to eat breakfast. They don’t want you to go to Penn. #blessup


The girl is ruining your pic, bro. 

You, my friend, are far too somber to be on such a fun vehicle.

You’re one more Illuminati away from being a Tri Delt. 

DIY Battleship Brunch.

Future Class Board runner up.

Welcome to Tabard, Pledge Angelina Leg.

We give it until Thanksgiving break, tops. 

It didn’t even matter that his eyes had been forcefully gouged out. After that day, he’d never be able to see things the same again anyway.

She want that lovey-dovey, that...

Stop looking at us like that, Conor. 

When you open your bid card.

Power points! Synergy! Floating computers! Gentle chin rubs!

Future (current?) mansplainer.

When your leg is broken but you still got all ten toes after NSO #bless.

Guys, be nice. It’s hard to adjust to college, especially as a famous actor, and….oh…. this isn’t Alice from The Brady Bunch

. Like we are honestly genuinely impressed with your wrist strength.

Taking "Rush Apes" way too fucking seriously. (Ed. Note: RIP Harambe.)

On my way to steal yo girl. 

I'm a mouse, duh. 

Virgo. Loving, living, dreaming. If you can’t handle me at my best, you don’t deserve me at my worst. DM me ;) 

Be careful...kisses this hot may set Castle on fire.

Well, you should be on 34th Street. Meeting's on Thursday. BYO falafel. 


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