Wish you did something this summer besides slaving away at an internship and well, let’s be real, Netflix? Keep reading to live vicariously through the lives of your fellow Quakers whose summers were truly bucket–list–worthy. You might just be within six degrees of separation from Abby Lee or Michael Phelps (kind of, anyway).

Rochelle Dong (W ’17): Chased an Olympic Dream

Step aside, NARPs. This senior swimmer spent the first half of her summer training for the 2016 Olympic trials in the 50 meter freestyle. One of two team members from the women’s swimming and diving team to compete at the trials, she placed 55th out of 178 swimmers in her event. “For all swimmers, it’s our dream to make it there because it’s our last step to make it to the Olympic team, so in a way it’s a lot of our dreams come true. It really motivated me to train harder and face the new season.”

Photo Credit: Rochelle Dong

Ramita Ravi (C ’17): Taught Her Passion

If you aren’t familiar with the ~cultural phenomenon~ that was/is Dance Moms, you’ve probably been living off–the–grid doing something bucket–list worthy (we're giving you the benefit of the doubt that you're not just culturally inept). This senior grew up with the Abby Lee dance studio (where Dance Moms takes place) in her hometown and taught an Indian Contemporary class there this summer. Indian Contemporary dance, as the name suggests, is a style that combines both Classical Indian and Contemporary elements. “I was thinking about just doing contemporary for a while, but then I realized that the entire reason that I do Indian Contemporary is to make my experience as an Indian American dancer and person more relatable and accessible to everyone I meet.”

Photo Credit: Ramita Ravi

Kayvon Asemani (W ’18): Performed His Own Music... At the UN

Typically used to performing in front of crowds of boozy college students, resident Penn rapper Kayvon Asemani captivated an entirely different audience this summer—at the United Nations. After impressing panelists at an International Youth Leaders Assembly, Asemani was invited to perform at the New York City headquarters just days later. The rising junior and aspiring hip–hop artist performed three original songs and gave a speech to round out his performance. "I ended with a speech as my music was riding along in the background. A very short speech. I basically said 'We were all brought here to make a difference together. Peace and Unity.' And the music rode out, I thanked them for the time in perfect sync and rhythm to the music and the moment was magical."

Photo Credit: Kayvon Asemani


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