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Hogwarts or Penn? The Most Magical Spots on Campus

Because you need the right setting to take the sorting quiz.

Egos of the Week: Penn Quidditch Team

Team captain Tage S. Das talks Quidditch pong, bangable Hogwarts profs and gender inclusivity.

Ego of the Week: Blue Bookhard

He's an entire media conglomerate despite being only one guy, and he has a lot to say about his experience working with Penn media and being the only male in an all–female comedy troupe.

The Quakers Behind the Coffee

Just a heads up, you can get medical insurance working part time at Starbucks.

Penn's Best Halloween Costumes 2016

Honoring the ladies with the clever pop culture references, and the handful of guys who didn't wear a sports jersey this year.

Ego of the Week: Ian Jeong

He's someone to look up to in the queer community, could probably save your life in a medical emergency and will definitely show you his butt cheeks on Snapchat.

The Ghosts of Egos Past

A friendly reminder that these Egos are still rockstars as post–grads.

Ego of the Week: Pallavi Wakharkar

If you've ever been shitty to this week's Ego, she may or may not have already written about it and shared with others.

Who Let the Dogs Out? (Street did)

Please refrain from attempting to steal the animals in this article. We know, it’s hard.

Destination Dogs: The World in Weiner Form

New Jersey-based sausage specialty restaurant opens first Philadelphia outpost.

Ego of the Week: Araba Ankuma

Whether she's on–stage or behind the camera, Araba Ankuma is always developing her artistic vision. Read on as the Strictly Funk chair talks photography, black joy, and "Living Single."

Ego of the Week: Will Slotznick

The Penn SID leader delves into his passions for international development, beanies and West African cuisine.

First Penn–eration

How three Penn students understand their identities as first–generation students on a campus filled with privilege.

New Kids on the Block: Transfers

They may not be a beloved '80s boy band, but they are new to campus and that counts for something, right?

#Goals: Penn's Summer Bucket Listers

A collection of people who had way cooler summers than you.
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