1. Drugs: they don't call it a sugar high for nothing?!
  2. Specifically, ecstasy: Red Bull isn't the only thing that gives you wings
  3. Truth serum: candy knows all your secrets, and pretty soon everyone else will, too.
  4. Immortality: cause fucking duh
  5. Chloroform: from the friendly neighborhood ice cream truck
  6. Laughing gas: also from the ice cream truck
  7. Candle wax: how do you think candy corn gets that consistency? 
  8. Ink: because food dye is expensive AND OVERRATED.
  9. Mercury: see #8
  10. Crushed, dried and boiled beetles: adds flavor, texture –– it's a fucking delicacy. 
  11. Lighter fluid: population control
  12. Beaver pee: so natural, so good 


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