Federal Donuts

Be boring and go for the Cinnamon Brown Sugar donut ($1.50) or be bold and try the Great Pumpkin Roll Fancy Donut ($2.50). This culinary masterpiece is topped with cream cheese icing and toasted pumpkin seeds. You may make an O face as you eat it.

Where: 3428 Sansom Street


Ever since my favorite Alaskan—Autumn Powell (C '19)—started working at Saxbys, I've made a point of spending all my time there. According to Autumn, the best autumnal drinks are the hot apple cider ($3.46) and pumpkin spice cold brew ($4.25).

Where: 4000 Locust Street


In the spirit of the season, Capogiro launched six Halloween–themed gelato and sorbetto flavors. Three are re–brandings of existing flavors—Pagan Pear with Bourbon is the sweet seasonal pear sorbetto, Alien Eyeball is the kiwi sorbetto and Jack–O–Lantern pumpkin is the seasonal pumpkin–flavored gelato. The other three flavors are new: a smoky cinnamon gelato called SIN–ammon, a rich apple–cheese gelato called Mummy Mascarpone and a Lemon Charcoal sorbetto called Black as Your Heart.

Where: 3925 Walnut Street


Your fast and convenient stop for all of the Halloween candy. Not candy corn though—no one likes candy corn.

Where: 3401 Walnut Street

Trader Joe's

Each year Trader Joe's creates a home for the basics and pumpkin–ifies everything. At the Flavors of Fall display you'll find pumpkin biscotti, pumpkin sugar cookies, pumpkin brittle, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin cream cheese muffins, pumpkin cranberry crisps, pumpkin caramels and chocolate mousse pumpkins. If you don't like pumpkin flavoring you're out of luck—unless you get creative with butternut squash soup, apple–cinnamon oatmeal or my personal favorite: artisanal apple pie. When in doubt, spread Pumpkin Butter ($2.49) all over toast, granola and your annoying TA.

Where: 2121 Market Street

Farmer's Market

Going to the Farmer's Market is like frolicking through Halloweentown with a pack of Tim Burton characters. There are ginger snaps, fresh apples and cartons full of pumpkins—how much more fall could you get? Dip pumpkin bread into apple cider as you dodge betches from COMM 125. The Farmer's Market is even more festive than apple–picking with your girl squad.

Where: Wednesdays at 36th & Walnut streets