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Caroline Harris


Can’t–Miss Episodes of Black Mirror

What to watch and what to skip in Netflix's creepy anthology series. 

We Tried the Weirdest Beiler's Donuts so You Don't Have To

Key Lime, Maple Bacon, and other farfetched delicacies.

Danlu: The Best New Taiwanese Spot in UCity

UCity's restaurant scene gets a major upgrade with Danlu, a two–story Taiwanese restaurant at 3601 Market Street.

Why the Emily Sachs Dance Benefit is a Must-See

Penn's Dance Arts Council comes together to honor the life of a former member.

Highbrow Can't Even: GroupMe Anxiety

You had one shot at camaraderie and messed it up with this meme.

Penn Has No Chill

 If we take shots, we take seven; if we study, it's for seven hours

So you don't have a five year plan

Deep breaths. It's going to be okay.

Love in the Age of Read Receipts

Spoiler alert: If he's playing mind games with you, he ain't your Romeo.

All Strings Attached

How easily I fell for the idea of him

You're not that busy, you're just self–important

Penn loves the aesthetic of busyness. Being over–stressed and underslept seems like the only acceptable way to be.

Types of People Highbrow Wants to Stop Seeing at Pottruck


Walking Down Locust: Your Inner Thought Process

It's a jungle out there.

Penn's Strange Addiction: LinkedIn

When did LinkedIn become the new Facebook?

Wearable Technology for Staying Warm

Winter is Coming.

Dispatch: My Weekend Without My Phone

This was a mistake.

Fall Food Roundup

Because pumpkin spice lattes taste like soap.

Q&A with the Internet on the Election

America may be doomed but at least the online community is thriving.

How to Use Technology to Stay in Touch with Your Parents

It's important to stay in touch with the Lorelai Gilmore's and Phil Dunphy's of your life.

An Inside Look at Di Bruno's

The gourmet cheese shop you have to visit.

iOS 10 Breakdown

We're mostly excited about the emojis.
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