All my life growing up my older brothers taunted me with “well there has never been a woman president,” when I insisted women were just as intelligent or capable as them. They refused to let me play any sport with them, any board game. I was confined to my room and the sidelines when it came to sibling bonding. My family structure still reflects this divide, despite the fact I was the first person to attend any Ivy League school, and I have received higher honors and awards of any of them. My mom still thinks the Wharton School of Business is no place for a girl like me-a girl “too pretty to work that hard.” But she claims she isn’t sexist at all, instead there are simple fundamental differences between men and me. Well, I thought last night could show my family that being a woman doesn’t do anything but empower us, that we can do anything. But instead, my brothers can use that same taunt, in fact they probably feel more entitled to do so; if our president can denigrate women, they sure can. So sadly when my brothers tell me this Thanksgiving that “girls don’t play slap cup” and I sit on my phone in the corner of our game room, I will not be able to come back with Hilary Clinton’s strength and growth, but instead silent disappointment in the American people. 


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