So, after recovering from the initial shock and horror, I do have a few things to say that may or may not be helpful:

1) I've seen a lot of people worried that Trump will overturn the SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage (among others). Trump doesn't actually have the power to do that alone; in order to overturn a SCOTUS ruling, there has to either be another SCOTUS ruling or a constitutional amendment. Yes, Trump might elect more conservative judges, but it's still quite rare for SCOTUS to overrule their own decisions. (People who know more about the US government than me: please feel free to chime in on this one)

2) From what I've heard, Trump has been surprisingly levelheaded since winning the election. It's a slim hope, but I like to think that most of his hateful rhetoric/blustering was for the sake of gaining support, and once he's sworn in he will... not be like that. Politicians lie on the campaign trail all the time, after all. I'm sure Trump is no exception.

3) I've also heard that Trump actually used to be much more of a Democrat. If his views changed before, they might change again.

4) And if he really does a godawful job as President, and enough people start to realize that, we might only have to wait four years - as opposed to eight - to get rid of him. It'll suck, but we as a country have been through a hell of a lot. I think we can get through this too.

Admittedly this all feels a bit like grasping at straws, especially in the face of all the really awful stuff that could happen, but focusing only on the possible negatives of the future could drive us all mad. We don't know what's going to happen - we can't lose hope just yet.


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