While you threw on some animal ears/randomly assembled some items from your closet and lied about it being thought out, others actually took Halloween to the next level. And by the next level, we mean full conceptualized costumes (it’s not that high of a bar, tbh). So if you’re looking for ideas for next year, decided to stay in this past weekend and missed out on the festivities, or just want to marvel at the genius of some fellow Quakers, check out Street’s picks for some of 2016’s best Halloween costumes.

Mackenzie Lukas (W '19)–Libertarian Librarian

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Lukas

Gary Johnson doesn’t really have much of a shot, but this costume is still killer. Featuring topical political commentary, a relatively sensible shoe, weed socks, a hint of sexy librarian—just enough, though—this look has it all.

Tate Gale & Spencer Winson (C '17)–North West & Blue Ivy

Photo Credit: Spencer Winson

Though this costume idea has been around for a couple years, we applaud this duo for the puns, but mostly for Spencer's (Ed. note: He was an Ego of the Week this semester!) exceptional use of glitter.

Morgan Pearlman & Ingrid Hung (C '17)–Blades of Glory

Photo Credit: Ingrid Hung

Channeling the artistry of ice skating pair Jimmy MacElroy and Chazz Michael Michaels, these two seniors truly captured the dream, and brought back fond memories from the 2007 Will Ferrel flick. 

Kimberly Corson (C'17)–Tits Out For Harambe

Photo Credit: Kimberly Corson

Just when we thought the mourning was laid to rest, we were classily reminded that Harambe died for all of us. Thank you, Miss Corson, for bringing this particular issue back into the popular zeitgeist.

Tim Graul (C '17), Adam Marquardt (C '17) and Jack Tyree (W '17) (not pictured)–Flo, The Progressive Lady 

Photo Credit: Adam Marquardt

The wigs. The hairbands. THE APRONS. Ego can't help but "Bravo" these bros for bringing Flo to life. Now that's Progressive.


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