Every now and then, we all need a minute to de–stress, relax and kick back with a good ol' lungful of marijuana. Sadly, however, finding a convenient place on campus is never actually that easy. Sure, you could go to the Biopond, but you risk being trite and cliché (come on people, Biopond is so freshman year). Luckily, Street is here to help you stray from the beaten path and find some other cool spots on campus to light up.

1. The Sketchy Stairs in Kings Court English House

Yes, Kings Court is a freshman dorm, and yes, the dingy stairways across the building don't provide the most glamorous atmosphere to toke up. But the circulation is good and the space is cozy. Share your bud and get a freshman to swipe you into the dining hall downstairs — that grilled cheese would be heavenly while high. 

2. Clark Park

Located at 44th and Baltimore streets, Clark Park is a little bit of a hike from campus. But with lots of soft grass and open space, it's definitely worth the trek. The park offers a nice break from the hustle and bustle of campus. Plus, it’s surrounded by a bunch of cute cafés: perfect for the post–high munchies.

3. Franklin Field—The Split P

Everyone knows that more than just kick–off happens on the Split P inside Franklin Field. Though Penn Athletics will have you believe that the only way to get into the Penn Athletics Hall of Fame is by being the best at your sport, we prefer this strategy. Smoke a j on the Split P and join a long line of Penn mischief makers.

4. Van Pelt 6th Floor Rooftop

Sometimes (read: most of the time), VP can be way too intense. The 6th floor especially needs to take a chill pill. All the way in the back, behind the messy sprawl of corporate meeting rooms, lies a pretty sick outdoor terrace. With a gorgeous view of Center City, the terrace provides a much–needed escape from the stuffiness and paranoia. Help all of VP mellow out by lighting up at this cool spot.

5. Addams Hall

 Penn's studio art building is easily one of the coolest buildings on campus. Fenced in by an iron gate of hands, Addams oozes creativity. The first floor is flooded with student artwork, and the gallery almost always has grad–student projects on display. Expand your consciousness by lighting up in Addams, and have your mind blown or your inspiration tickled. Watch out for smoke detectors and flammable artwork, though.

6. Catacombs

Legend has it that the Catacombs are an underground tunnel network hidden below the Quad. While we haven't visited this spot first–hand (and are unsure whether these tunnels actually exist), the Catacombs are bound to be one of the most mysterious spaces on campus to light up. 

7. The Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Commonly known as the Nanotech Building, the Singh Center is one of the most aesthetically pleasing spots on campus. Blaze beneath the imposing sheets of glass and sleek steel—it's a minimalist space for maximum bud. 


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