In case you needed any more proof that cannabis is the greatest plant of all time, let me introduce you to CBD oil—the health trend endorsed by stoners, doctors, and Instagram fitness gurus alike. An offshoot of marijuana, CBD is a chemical found in the cannabis plant that lacks the mind–altering affects of THC. In other words, CBD has all the short–term benefits of a strain of Indica without the actual high or munchies.  

Once diluted with a carrier oil (like coconut oil), CBD is purported to do it all. Studies show that it can relieve pain, reduce anxiety, treat acne, and even alleviate certain cancer symptoms.  However, little is still known about the long–term effects of CBD oil and the associated risks. But for the people who have used CBD oil successfully, the natural remedy is just short of a godsend. Just ask Judy Beck, the inspiration behind Anthology Wellness. 

Courtesy of Anthology Wellness

Anthology Wellness, located in Northern Liberties, is a store dedicated to all things CBD. The shop, constructed to look like a minimalist’s fantasy, offers two lines of CBD based products. The first is their classic collection of CBD salves and tinctures that blend the chemical with other soothing natural remedies, like beeswax and shea butter. The other is Adaptation, a line of high potency CBD lotions and bath products.  

The brand finds its vision in Judy Beck, owner Mike Beck’s mother. After being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and lupus, and treated with a veritable cocktail of complicated medications, Judy turned to a CBD tincture for pain relief. “The effects of the CBD were immediate,” says Marta Kosseva of Anthology Wellness. “Her pain nearly vanished.” Seeing his mom triumph over her chronic pain pushed Mike to help others find their bliss. 

Courtesy of Anthology Wellness

Word of Judy’s near miraculous cure spread, causing other chronic pain sufferers to come forward and give CBD a shot. “Soon there was a growing list of family and friends who were also seeing personal results,“ says Kosseva. Armed with a confidence in CBD and a desire to educate everyone, Mike founded Anthology Wellness. 

True to its roots, Anthology Wellness’s best sellers are their tinctures—droppers of CBD oil that you can add to your morning cup of coffee, or place straight under the tongue for a more direct and immediate effect. Other standouts include the Sugar Scrub, a lavender–infused exfoliating scrub made for relaxation, and the Pet Potion, a tincture for dogs. While the Pet Potion won’t turn your puppy into a pothead, it will soothe joint pain and seizures.

Photo courtesy of Anthology Wellness

Looking to get started with CBD oil? Kosseva recommends beginning with “nanoparticle–micelle formulations,” such as their newly released tincture, “due to their bioavailability, bypassing first pass metabolism and getting directly into the bloodstream.” In case you’re not a bio major, this means those strains should have the most direct and easily identifiable effects. 

If you’re looking for a way to alleviate your most pressing stresses, skip the procrastination and Netflix binge and consider turning to a dropper of CBD oil. 

Anthology Wellness 

Location: Northern Liberties | 825 N 2nd St.

Hours: Mon–Sat: 11 a.m.—7 p.m.

             Sun: 11 a.m.—6 p.m.

Price Range: $15—$90