Wharton students are feeling something nobody knew they were capable of: shame. In the week after President Trump’s inauguration, many students have noticed a curious phenomenon. When asked where they attend school, instead of saying “Wharton” they now answer with a resounding “University of Pennsylvania.”

Street ventured into the imposing halls of Huntsman to get perspective from current Wharton undergrads. 

“I used to tell everybody I went to Wharton. I would go to Starbucks and say ‘Alana, Wharton ‘17’ when they asked for my name. Now I just say Alana. I don’t know who I am anymore,” said a morose Wharton senior. 

“I’m in a dual degree program but usually I would just tell people I’m in Wharton. But now I say I’m an engineer,” remarked an M&T sophomore. The developments have even caused some students to change their lifestyles.

“I wore a suit and did three lines of coke every morning to get the full Wharton experience. Now, I only wear jeans and smoke weed. I want people to think I’m in the College," said a senior who spoke on the condition of anonymity. All these students blamed the country’s new president for this newfound humility.

Street did find a few Whartonites who were more proud than ever of their alma mater. “This is a terrific school. The Donald is great guy. Best president. He won in landslide," said one sophomore with a thick Russian accent.

To cope with having to be less pretentious than usual some Wharton students have organized a support group. The group’s Facebook page states: “This is a safe space. Any Wharton student is welcome to come and talk about how they go to the best school in the world and is waiting for offers from Goldman and JP Morgan. No one is here to judge.”

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