There's no shame in staying in, putting on your comfiest pajamas and parking yourself in front of the TV. There's also no shame in doing this alone, on a Friday night, with a joint or two. Light up and tune into our favorite picks.

If you want to laugh until you feel like you’re dying, watch...

Parks and Recreation

Everything about Parks and Rec is better with a blunt. The employees of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department are comedic geniuses to begin with, but the jokes get that much better after a few hits. Get ready to appreciate Leslie Knope and laugh at Jerry Gergich in new ways. 

Broad City

Maybe it’s just because the plot revolves around weed, but Broad City is the perfect druggy show. It follows Abbi and Ilana, who essentially just get high and wreak havoc on New York City. They say and do absurd things and put themselves in even more absurd situations, like being forced into indentured servitude at a co–op or holding a party to wait out Hurricane Wanda. Skip your ab workout for a few hits of your roommate's bong and an episode or two of Broad City

Bob's Burgers

Bob's Burgers is about the Belcher family and their struggling burger bar. Each character is awkward in their own way, and they come together to form a loving family unit. This is a genuinely happy and heartwarming show, made all the better with a joint.

If you want to feel warm and content, watch...

Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere

This show is just Bob Ross painting nature scenes and narrating the process. He talks to himself, to the camera and to his paintings. A sober person might question why on earth anyone would want to see that. But if you're floating on a cloud of mary–ju–ana, it just makes sense. 

The Great British Baking Show

Where American baking shows have flames and suspenseful music, The Great British Baking Show has chirping birds and cheerful contestants. The contestants go pleasantly about creating glorious breads, cakes and biscuits. Nothing is more peaceful and soul–soothing than a stoned Great British Baking Show marathon. Just make sure you have a large supply of snacks on hand. 

Planet Earth

Come for the pretty landscapes and cute animals! Stay because you get sucked in and could not turn it off if you wanted to. You will learn so much! Once you spend a smoky afternoon with your jaw dropped watching Planet Earth, you may never want to do anything else. Check out Street's preview of the new season here.

If you want to avoid a THC–induced existential crisis, watch anything but… 

Black Mirror or any other thrillers that use paranoia as a plot device. 

The entire genre of horror. 

Anything about space. Just don’t go there.