We know your secret: Penn's weird as hell, and our eating habits are just a part of that. Highbrow's here to document all the strange shit people on this campus do while simultaneously pretending to be ordinary. Let's start with what goes down outside of the dining hall...

1. Taco Bell from the cafeteria next to CVS

Sure, Taco Bell's meat sources might be questionable, but that shit is well–seasoned, so let's just get past that. Treat yourself to a double taco on your way home from class, and your anxiety will melt like the cheese you're about to consume. Be prepared to run into at least three people you've hooked up with as you stealthily try to exit the premises with your oversized to–go order. Feeling bold? I have three words for you: Doritos Gordita Crunch. Next question. 

2. Peanut M&M's from Houston 

They're older than dinosaur fossils themselves, but there's something alluring about capping off your average Houston lunch with a handful of peanut M&M's from the dispensary outside of Insomnia. Make sure to get really unnecessarily hyped up if you get more than six M&M's in one turn. It's really an art. 

3. Wawa Bacon Egg and Cheese next to the cashier

I mean, dear god. Just the salt content alone is worth an entire paragraph of praise. Yeah, the egg is fluorescent and the bacon is perfectly ribbed with a suspiciously symmetrical line of fat, but I'm no longer asking questions. This puppy has given me new hope for mankind one too many times and deserves recognition. In the mood to not lose your shit before 10 a.m.? Pick one of these bad boys up for close to three cents, and the world will be at your fingertips for at least the next hour. 

4. Fro Gro General Tso's Chicken

As long as their Tso's exists 24 hours a day, I'm fine with wandering into Fro Gro 24 hours a day. Got denied from Smokes' even though you're 21? Tso it out. Booty called by your lab partner on a Monday night? The General is in town. No need to ever have a bad night again.