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Elena Modesti


Highbrow Campus Quiz

You're all so damn predictable.

Top 10 Things We Will Miss About Fro-Gro

An Ode to our beloved 24 hour landmark

My Strange Penn Addiction: Websites You Should Realistically Not Be Spending Any Time On But Here We Are

There's more to life than Buzzfeed.

My Strange Penn Addiction: Party Version

There's more to a late night than blacking out. Sort of. 

My Strange Penn Addiction: Hidden Gems

We all do it, and it's weird. 

My Strange Penn Addiction: Unexpected (But Amazing) Food

We can all stop pretending to be normal now. 

A Liberal, A Billionaire Texan, and The Beach Boys Walk Into A Bar…

The Texas Inaugural Ball, through the lens of a Penn Clinton supporter

Fling Spenders

A compilation of different Penn students' spending habits during Fling—having to grease the bouncer three times in one week will definitely getcha.

Everything You Need to Know about WXPN

Radio may be dead, but this station is not.

Introverts, Extroverts and Everything in Between at Penn

Not everyone wants to go to the pool party.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Living in a Penn Fraternity House

Members of different on and off campus fraternities gave details on what actually goes on behind the chapter house walls. Overarching theme? Penn has a mouse problem.

Foo Fightin'

Bitch is back with her new restaurant "SUGA."

A New Look At Facebook

Penn students without Facebook accounts speak out about their decision to deactivate or delete Facebook altogether — posting bikini photos from spring break will have to wait.

The "Not PV" Spring Breakers

There's more to spring break than passing out on a beach and throwing up before 3 p.m. Check out what Penn students did during the past week, and start planning your next SB2K17.

Penn's Most Eligible Bachelors

You were wondering where the good ones were hiding. We're here to help.

Penn's Most Eligible Bachelorettes

Ego of the Week: Kendra Carson and Maha Subramaniam

You can learn a lot from these two: including that clitorises can get erections too

Penn Freshmen on the Mysteries of Feb Club

Ten things you didn’t know about federal donuts but desperately need to

We’re in a long distance relationship with a fancy donut.

Ego of the Week: Chantal Low

She may be engaged but she still wants to go to date nights, so someone man up and ask this former Israeli soldier to your formal.
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