1. Sunday Sushi.

2. The underwhelmingly chipper woman who runs the self–checkout desk 

3. Asking employees what aisle "pesto" is in, and having to describe it as "green leafy mayo," in order to get the concept across. 

4. Buying two double bottles of wine at the "beer garden," handing it to a friend, and buying two more double bottles in order to obey the maximum purchase rule.

5. The chip aisle selection, and its potential to ruin a years worth of going to Pottruck. 

6. Paying 12 dollars for three apples.  

7. Breaking your arm carrying stuff in a basket because using a cart is a death wish.

8. Picking up a DiGiornos pizza at 3 am because it feels so right. 

9. The rich scent of fish as you exit the produce area. 

10. And last but not least...the pre-made General Tso and Lo Mein noodle dish that only gets better the longer it sits.