Wawa mobile ordering has officially debuted in Philly, a change that could be huge for Penn students this upcoming school year. Just like Tapingo, this new function lets students and regular folk alike skip the line and save a couple of minutes in their lives.

To use this function, you need to have a Wawa Rewards account, easily created online. Once registered, it works just like how ordering in store does: select the items you want, customize your choices and complete your order! After, you’ll be able to pick up your food. This function essentially transposes those magical Wawa kiosks onto your phone, letting you skip the line (and the shame of ordering, like, six orders of mac–and–cheese).

Unlike its competitor Tapingo, though, Wawa mobile ordering doesn’t have the functionality to pay wirelessly. You’ll still have to pay at the cashier like a plebeian. So make sure to still budget time for those long and winding Wawa lines.

However, it’s rumored that Wawa won’t start making your order until you’re close to the store—so you might just want to get out of your cubby in Van Pelt and head on out. 


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