Oh, people read the news in their spare time? Pick up a book? Watch a documentary? Work on their start–up? Well, we don't trust those people. Here are a few websites that may destroy your work ethic and render you homeless one day, but are amazingly underrated nonetheless. 

1. Stalking Greek Rank

This website may represent everything that's wrong with the world. But so does almost everything at Penn, so let's look past it. Curious to see what your frat is ranked based on empirical and trustworthy data? Don't go here. Do go here if you want to know that AXO's best chapter is at Brenau University. Invaluable information to say the least. 

2. FoodPornDaily.com

During exam week in high school, I had to block this website. Not Facebook, not Twitter, but FoodPornDaily. I don't know what that says about me, but if you don't know about this "Mecca" of sexy food pictures, I know what that says about you. And it's not good. If you think you don't need to see a picture of Georgia pecan cinnamon rolls drenched in dulce de leche icing, you're just wrong. 

3. Formspring

If Uggs are still a thing, Formspring should be too. How the hell are we supposed to know who has a crush on who without this extraordinary source of information? For those of you who skipped all of middle school, Formspring is (was) a website where you could anonymously ask questions on a person's profile such as "is it tru u hve had sex w katie," and the person could respond subtly, "mayb, ask me n person," and so on. But also why did psychopaths have to ruin a good thing and tell me publicly on Formspring that I should pluck my eyebrows, sending me into a spiraling state of anxiety for the majority of my 7th grade experience? *Starts reflecting* Let's actually not bring back Formspring. 

4. Venmo

Oh yah, Elizabeth, I'm SURE you're paying John for "groceries" and not for last night's taxi ride where you two were hooking up in the back and consequently ended up at 52nd street because you forgot to tell the driver to stop. Only a romp on the Venmo feed will tell you the true timeline of Elizabeth's Friday–night events. Standing question: Will we ever know what caption to put when paying a weed dealer besides the leaf emoji? Probably not.