Let's say you're the social chair for your super popular Greek organization, and you need some mixer themes that are, like, as classist as possible. Street’s got you covered. We’ve come up with a list of seven mixer themes that’ll be sure to say, “I look down on you!”

  1. “White trash”
    It’s funny because, like, they’re trashy. And poor.
  2. "Tacky prom"
    Goal: Spend your petty cash on a prom dress you’ll wear once and call ugly but that someone else in this world will love and wear for their actual prom!
  3. “Garish wedding”
    Same as above, but with wedding dresses!
  4. “Dress like your help”
    What’ll it be, Grant, a gardener costume or a butler costume?
  5. “My Healthcare is Amazing”
    I get three teeth cleanings a year, you simpletons!
  6. “Swimsuits and Snowbo....Poor People”
    Throw on a Hawaiian shirt and whatever you think people poorer than you wear!
  7. “I’m Better than You”