Whether you reside in Philly, or have decided to stay here through the summer, many Penn students will spend the upcoming summer months right here in the City of Brotherly Love. There's a ton to explore in this city, but inevitably, there'll be a night where you just can’t think of anything to do. And when that night comes up, try going to see an outdoor movie in one of the outdoor venues that allow you to enjoy the warm weather. The city offers most of these screenings for free, so it’s a great way to go see a movie without spending $20 on a ticket and food. There aren’t any concrete schedules released yet for this summer, but Street's compiled a list of venues that are going to offer outdoor movies in the coming months.

Schuylkill Banks

Schuylkill Banks offers perhaps the most scenic site for an outdoor movie this summer. Right on the other side of the unpronounceable river, this program offers movies during sunset, so you and your friends can sit back on a picnic blanket and enjoy a movie while looking across the river at West Philly. They also hold screenings at Gray’s Ferry Crescent, which lies close to campus. While the schedule for this summer hasn’t been released yet, last year Schuylkill Banks held biweekly screenings of movies including Inside Out Creed, and Big Hero 6. You can even go on their website and request a movie, and the best part is that all of these screenings are free!

Choose this venue if: you want to watch a movie in a nice, scenic environment beneath the Philly skyscrapers

Clark Park

Right here in West Philly, Clark Park will continue their summer movie screenings this year. The park turns into an amphitheater, and the audience is encouraged to bring chairs or blankets to relax on while watching the movie. Various vendors provide food and desserts, so it can also be a fun way to try out some of the food that West Philly has to offer. The schedule of screenings is coming out shortly, but last year they ran through the month of August and included family–friendly films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Finding Dory.

Choose this venue if: you want to explore a little more of West Philly while enjoying a chill night with your friends.

Dell Music Center

This venue is perfect if you’re looking for a little more concrete and a little less nature. The Dell Music Center is a real outdoor theater, with tiered seating and a huge screen. Last year, the screenings took place throughout June, July and August and featured movies such as Minions and The Good Dinosaur. Tickets are free and the screenings start around dusk. Perhaps the only drawback is that food is not permitted in the theater.

Choose this venue if: you don’t like sitting on grass.