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Dalton DeStefano


'Knives Out' Reimagines the Star–Studded Murder Mystery For 2019

Street sat down with director Rian Johnson to discuss his whodunit–meets–political–commentary 

Penn 10: Emmett Neyman

Emmett, president of the ultimate frisbee b–team, is the kind of guy who will purposely take Locust Walk. 

Stilettos and Sequins: Drag Queens on Campus

As drag enters the mainstream, the heels come out at Penn.

Stock: Delicious Pho and Southeast Asian Noodlery

Pho lovers take stock.

Contending with a Post-Weinstein Hollywood

Can we separate art from the artist?

Big Mouth: Revisiting Our Scarring Middle School Years

Puberty is hard, man.

mother! Deserves Our Attention

This film just might just give you an anxiety attack, but it's worth it.

Is "It" the Scariest Movie of the Year?

The horror!

Christopher Nolan: What's the Hype?

Street takes a look at the famed director's filmography to figure out just what makes him so popular

2017 Movie Remakes to Be Excited About

You Get a Remake! You Get a Remake! Everybody Gets a Remake!

A Rundown of Philly's Summer Outdoor Movie Screenings

The big screen in a big city

Street Interviews Jake Gyllenhaal

We got to talk to Jake Gyllenhaal about his upcoming film Life.

Behind the Foodstagram

Admit it: in the weeks after receiving a Penn acceptance letter, many of you probably began checking food Instagrams to start planning all the fun places you would eat at while living in Philly.

T2 Trainspotting and Destructive Masculinity

Director Danny Boyle talks drug addiction and his sequel fears

Kedi: Review and an Interview with director Ceyda Torun

This documentary about cats on the streets of Istanbul is both adorable and moving.

The Oscars are a Man's World

The Best Picture category has been a bro–fest for years, and it’s time to talk about it.

Fifty Shades Darker: A Comedic Opening Night

Come for the sex, stay for the helicopter crashes and washed up popstar extras.

Sundance Standouts: What We're Excited for in 2017

We didn't have to go to Park City to know what's good.

'I am Not Your Negro' Spotlights a Civil Rights Leader who Lived in the Shadows

America still can’t come up with a good answer.

A Series of Unfortunate Episodes

Netflix mangles a beloved book series.
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