We’re so happy you picked up this application. Whether you’re a Penn student, an Internet pervert or a pyramid scammer, we want YOU to apply for 34th Street! Just kidding. Internet perverts, move along. Penn students and pyramid scammers, have we found the magazine for you.

What is 34th Street, you might ask? Why, it’s Penn’s one and only Arts, Culture, and Campus magazine—home of smart, well–informed, and creative nonfiction content, written by some fabulously interesting and cool people. 

That’s where you come in! If you can write, edit, design, take videos, take pictures (selfies count, but barely), or market the hell out of Street, then we want you to apply for this upcoming fall semester.

Feel free to reach out to anyone on the exec board with any questions you might have. 

With love,

Street Exec

  • Orly Greenberg, Editor-in-Chief 
  • Dani Blum, Managing Editor 
  • Chloe Shakin, Audience Engagement Director 
  • Corey Fader, Photo Director 
  • Teagan Aguirre, Design Director
  • Carissa Zou, Design Director

Access the application here!