It was revealed yesterday that Dallas native Andy Wyman (C ‘18) has only two profile pictures on his Facebook account, prompting widespread outrage and intense suspicion.

“I had no idea he only had two. I friended him when we were in a class together so I could get notes from him, but now I’m scared,” said Jackie Fleischer (C‘17).

“It’s he a ghost? TWO profile pictures? And the last one is from 2013! This is madness,” she added, before pulling out her phone and un–friending him immediately.

A statement from the Division of Public Safety released this morning warned against Wyman and other students like him.

“Social media is a dangerous place and must be treated as such. If you see a boy with only two profile pictures, or, say, a girl who has deleted all of her old profile pictures from high school to improve her online image, know that that person should NOT be trusted with any sensitive information. Use caution when approaching said persons, and report any extra suspicious behavior, like using a picture of a car or a baseball field as a profile picture, to the Division of Public Safety immediately.”

Wyman could not be reached for comment for this article and could not be located on campus because his last profile picture was from four years ago, so no one knows what he actually looks like now.