Welcome back to the busiest least–busy time of the year. Here's how to be proactive during this calm–before–the–storm–before–the–bigger–storm: get yourself a healthy dose of art. Here are two shows not to be missed.

1. Anachronism & Liberation

Featuring work from: Ana Hernandez, Roberto Lugo, Rebecca Ness, Odili Donald Odita, Robert Pruitt, Lisi Raskin, Han Wang, Charles Edward Williams and Alexi Worth

View work from nine artists who are redefining political art. The artists in this show reference historical forms and push toward new ones. In four words: subversive, re–imaginative, playful and urgent. 

Aug 4–Sept 17
Tiger Strikes Asteroid Gallery
1400 N. American St #107
Philadelphia, PA 19122

2. predator, twilight, edible

Featuring work from: Torey Akers, Benjamin Santiago and Tiffany Smith.

Work from three New York–based artists aims to shatter the confines of language and identity through self–disclosure. The exhibition will include performance, video, photography, sculpture and drawing with no boundaries. Go see this if you’re interested in sipping the alleged “great soup of being in which we actually live.” 

Aug 11–Sept 23
FJORD Gallery
1400 N. American St., #105
Philadelphia, PA 19122


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