When we need to escape from our own reality, it helps to resonate with someone else’s. Here are some recommendations to get you through:

If you work at WilCaf, you should watch: Bravo TV’s Below Deck and/or Timber Creek Lodge.

Both of these Bravo TV shows expose the behind–the–scenes of the service industry, following young adults working on both a luxury yacht and in a high–end ski resort. There’s an unparalleled, sick sort of relish that comes with listening to someone else gripe about the same sort of bull honkey you experience at work. 

If you are a student athlete, or pre-law, you should watch: MTV’s The Challenge.

The Challenge is a game show spun off from other reality shows on MTV, recruiting previous contestants from Real World, Road Rules, and Are You the One? to complete outrageous challenges in the distant hope of fame and glory. This show is all about how you play the game. Each contestant follows a particular strategy to get to the top, be it politicking, manipulation, promiscuity, or just outright physical prowess. It’s the art of war, and she’s holding a margarita.

If you’re a Communications major, you should watch: MTV UK’s Geordie Shore.

This is the bigger, badder, British twin of Jersey Shore. There are actually many facets that the communications major would find interesting. Being a “Geordie” is all about presentation, language, messaging, and marketing. Just give it a chance. 

If you’re involved with The Walk, you should watch: VH1’s RuPaul’s Drag Race .

In order to seize the highly coveted title of America’s Next Drag Superstar, a queen has to possess impeccable craftsmanship, imaginative vision, and killer instinct. 13 drag queens compete for the title, and in such a cutthroat environment, nobody succeeds if they’re not willing to go balls–to–the–wall. Under the leadership of the fabulous RuPaul, this show combines rococo fashion with sheer entertainment.

If you’re a freshman, you should watch: VH1’s Dating Naked.

Dating Naked encourages young singles to attend blind dates in the buff. This show will help introduce any incoming freshman to the ins and outs of Penn’s hook-up culture (Ed. note: Kidding, but, you know, only kinda), and perhaps inspire them to act boldly and behave outside of the box. 

If you study either Philosophy or Statistics, you should watch: MTV’s Are You the One?

20 single men and women are thrown into a house and told that they each have a “perfect match” that has been predetermined through a scientific dating algorithm. The contestants have 10 chances to match up with their designated partners, and if they are successful, they will all walk away with their share of 1 million dollars. This show combines the messiness of humanity with the exhilaration of theorizing. 

If you’re in an a cappella group, you should watch: Love and Hip Hop.

This show follows young up–and–coming hip–hop artists as they attempt to make it big in Hollywood. You can watch as these stars juggle trying to crack into the entertainment industry with their hectic personal lives. It’s great insight into what comes with fame. 

If you’re pre–vet, you should watch: Animal Planet’s Pit Bulls & Parolees.

This show follows Tia Torres, the badass owner of the Villalobos Rescue Center who works to save and rehabilitate abandoned dogs (pit bull terriers in particular). It’s all about redemption, for both man and dog, and will make you feel proud of what you do. 

If you’ve shelved your passions in the pursuit of something more practical, you should watch: Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off.

Contestants compete to be Britain’s next best amateur baker. GBBO is for the dreamers, lawyers, preachers, and housewives who are desperately seeking more out of life, like achieving the perfect dough lamination. 

If you’re pre–med, you should watch: Bravo TV’s Top Chef.

Chefs take part in an intensely demanding cooking competition in the hope of winning fame and money. They are sleep–deprived, competitive, completely dependent on the steadiness of their hands, and forced to pull a product out of their asses. 

If you’re a Whartonite, you should watch: ITV2’s Ibiza Weekender.

Ibiza Weekender follows a group of 18–24 year–olds as they spend a fun–filled weekend holiday on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Their fun is facilitated by a few representatives who are there to ensure that the visitors have the best time possible, while also making sure that they themselves get a piece of the action. This series preaches the dangers of mixing business with pleasure, while also being wildly entertaining.

If you’re in an offcampus organization, you should watch: CBS’s Survivor.

Outwit, outplay, outlast. 


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