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Michaela Reitano


The New York Times Helps You Out With Another Way to Watch TV: “Watching”

For when you can't watch "The Office" for the tenth time 

Love & Honey Fried Chicken: Chicken with Soul

Southern comfort in North Philly

A Penn Guide to Reality Television

When we need to escape from our own reality, it helps to resonate with someone else’s.

A Look Into the First Season of HBO's "The Deuce"

On porn, pimps, and potentiality

2017 Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions

Street's here to give you our take on who's taking home the gold this Sunday

Summer 2017's Best Flicks

Catch 'em while you can.

"Big Little Lies": A Postmortem of HBO's Newest Melodrama

Dissecting the show that treads a fine line between stylism and trite melodrama.

What Street’s Excited About: "Ingrid Goes West"

Aubrey Plaza’s new movie, Ingrid Goes West dropped its official trailer earlier this week, and boy was it exciting.

This Is Us: The Sad Future of Soap Operas

The show confuses emotional torture for good entertainment.

Why You Should Watch “Atlanta”

Catch up, dummy. This is important.

A Definitive Ranking of Rihanna's Music Videos

You're welcome. 

A Look at the 2017 Oscar Nominated Short Films

The true gems of Oscar season.

February's Philly Film Showcase: An Homage to Love

The Philadelphia Film Society hosted its monthly showcase on Friday night—an exhibition that highlights new projects by Philly’s up-and-coming filmmakers.

A Look at HBO's Series "Westworld," From a Newbie

Westworld might sound like an ordinary amusement park, but it's the furthest thing from it. 

Top Movies to Watch During Cuffing Season

Cuddle up and press play.

A Sneak Peak at the Return of Planet Earth

The inside scoop on the outside world.
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