As many establishments along Walnut Street have recently closed, students have begun to wonder what will take the place of beloved fan favorites like Penne by the Inn at Penn and Harvest Bar & Grill. While the administration looks to source new tenants, a student–based survey tried to gauge interest amongst Penn students themselves.

In the survey, conducted last semester, many suggested that fitness behemoth SoulCycle should take Harvest’s place. When asked to specify what she meant, College sophomore Susanna Stevenson said that she would love for SoulCycle to open “way closer to me.”

Wharton senior Ashley Hamilton added that she “would love to be able to tap it back and feel the burn a little closer to campus than the Rittenhouse Square location. I don’t want to keep spending so much on Uber!”

When asked if the cost of the Uber compared at all to the cost of multiple SoulCycle classes per week, Hamilton had no comment. Comments on the survey provided a further glimpse into what Penn students would want from the space.

“They should definitely take bursar. Even if the classes cost like, $50, they ABSOLUTELY should take bursar,” said one commenter. Another added, “We should have a sign up system. Maybe through PennInTouch?" A third student added, “Wait. Amy Gutmann should definitely come. You know she does SoulCycle.”