A small selection of Donald Trump supporters arrived at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway last Saturday ready to bippity-bop their heads to the sounds of President Donald Trump’s melodious voice, only to realize that they were at the Made In America music festival and not, as they assumed, a Made in America-themed Trump rally.

The group of presidential supporters, who hadn’t shared their story until now, said that they are speaking out to protest the “grossly inappropriate mislabeling” of the event. The protestors especially took issue with the “Made in America” signs, which they saw as a clear reference to the President’s America-centric manufacturing policies.

“Obviously the President invented the idea of American manufacturing. It didn’t exist before him. So how could this sign mean anything other than a praise of his policies and an endorsement of his second term?” said supporter Clayton Whiteman.

Whiteman and his fellow protesters were deeply angered by the lack of fried food served at the festival, but they loved the wide selection of light beers, and were pleasantly surprised by how much they loved listening to “Closer” by the Chainsmokers.