Two students were overheard having the following conversation late last night on Locust Walk. Authorities are still unclear as to whether this was an encrypted conversation between two covert agents, or merely two freshman desperate to assert that they knew all the Penn–based abbreviations already.

Student A: Did you see the GC about our PC BYO during NSO?

Student B: Before the DT? 

A: Yeah! Remember that boy who got MERTed at the PG and then DFMOed at the DT? I saw him at DRL! He’s running for UA VP. 

B: No way. He was my RA at NCH. Yesterday, at my GBM- 

A: SWE or WICS?  

B: No, EWB. I CC’d you on the PPTs. Oh wait, maybe I BCC’d you. Anyways, that ZBT boy who’s in MEAM and DMD was like, I wish I could go DT but I’m just always in VP. Like we get it, you’re in SEAS. NGL, I thought he was PPE or BBB. He def SABS enough to be PPE.

A: Please, as if I have time to SABS. I’m in M&T.  I have like, zero time. I have to update my CV before OCR tonight!

B: OMG we should totally PG OCR. Wait, by the way, I forgot to ask: are you doing SB in PV? 

A: TBH, TBD. Do you want to pick up SG later?

B: Can’t, I’m meeting my CIS TA at a Hunts GSR.

A: Oh damn, I would have loved for you to come meet my BFFPPDOR. We’re gonna TRF in BFS so that we don’t have to YDVZ in the MOMO! LOL.

B: Haha yeah, totally...wait, what?