For the Traveler:

Diners, Drive–Ins, and Dives

Regardless of your opinion on whether or not Guy Fieri is a cultural icon (Ed. note: he is.), Diners, Drive–Ins, and Dives is a cooking show worth your while if you have a serious case of wanderlust. Fieri travels across the US, sampling the best dishes at famous local food joints. For the traveler, “Triple D” can serve as some food–based inspiration for your next cross–country road trip. Check out this map that details all of the featured diners, drive ins, and dives… flips sunglasses behind head.  

Where You Can Find It: 

  • YouTube, iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play for $1.99/episode
  • Hulu*
  • Food Network on cable TV (price based on provider)

For the Epicure:

Chef’s Table

Do you save up for fancy food? Do you plan your life around Michelin stars? Do you even know what “epicure” means? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should already be watching Chef’s Table. This docu–series digs deep into some of the world’s most highly acclaimed and most unique restaurants and chefs. From your couch, you will be transported to the parmigiano reggiano cheese wheels of Modena, Italy—to the frenetic, ramen–filled streets of Tokyo, Japan—to the “edible ecosystems” surrounding Lima, Peru—and to even more awe–inspiring restaurants everywhere in between. (Note: if when you can’t get enough, make the transition to Chef’s Table France.)

Where You Can Find It: 

  • Netflix**

For the Experimentalist: 

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

If you crave obtaining new experiences and breaking from the mainstream, Jiro Dreams of Sushi is the show for you. This documentary features—you guessed it—Jiro, a Japanese man who has dedicated his life to the study and perfection of—you guessed it again—sushi. Jiro’s eccentric personality, his hole–in–the–wall–type sushi bar, (and subtitles) make this the perfect fit for the experimentalist in you.

Where You Can Find It: 

  • YouTube, Amazon Video, Google Play, Vudu for $2.99
  • iTunes for $3.99
  • Netflix**

For the Athlete:


For those who love a little good–hearted competition, Chopped provides just that. Four chefs compete against each other to make the best dish in just 30 minutes with a basket of five mystery ingredients. A panel of celebrity chefs tries the dishes and send the worst of each round to the daunting “Chopping Block.” Although there are three rounds from appetizer to dessert, you will definitely be hooked before the entrée. (Note: if you need more Chopped in your life, watch Chopped Junior, where little kids will make you feel bad about your cooking abilities—or lack thereof.)

Where You Can Find It: 

  • Hulu*
  • Food Network on cable TV (price based upon provider)

For the Nostalgic: 

The French Chef

Julia Child in The French Chef may be the cure to your longing for the past. One of the most famous cooks of all time, Child brings her quirky and lovable personality to the screen—in addition to many current celebrity chefs as guests—to prepare classic French dishes for the modern (à la 1960s) American household. Even if you’re not nostalgic but you just adore the film Julie & Julia, this classic SNL sketch, or just butter, The French Chef and Julia Child will not let you down. After all, she did bring French cooking to America!

Where You Can Find It: 

  • Amazon Video for $1.99/episode
  • for $0/episode (Insider Tip: on PBS)

*Membership starts at $5.99/month or try its 30 Day Free Trial (Insider Tip: Hulu is now free with a student Spotify account for $4.99/month).

**Membership starts at $7.99/month, and your friend’s Netflix, $0/month.


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