Finally, the spookiest weekend of the year is upon us: Halloweekend. It's the one time of the year when the term "dressing up" doesn't mean business formal in the Penn vernacular. To make this weekend even more scary, it is also falls on Family Weekend.

While parent visits can bring much needed relief for you, it can also cramp the little time you penciled in for partying away midterm stress. So unless you want to explain your sexy MERT costume to your parents, here's how to schedule your time for both family and fun.

1. If you're a foodie family:

The best parts of family weekend include taking advantage of your parents' inherent love of feeding you. Booking dinner reservations in Center City can save you an Uber if bar–hopping is on your schedule. The Gayborhood is the perfect location for dinner with the family and then drinks with the crew. 

2. If your parents are alums:

Growing up, you heard countless stories of your parents recalling their glory days at Smokes'. Instead of groaning when they insist on revisiting their favorite campus spots, take it as an opportunity to learn about your parents’ wild college days. No need to cancel the pregame plans—invite your parents to come along too. Time to see if your dad’s fastball during pong is as good as he says it is.

3. If you're showing around a sibling:

After this weekend, you won’t have to convince your sibs that Penn is the social Ivy. Halloween is one of the best times on campus for parties. 

4. If your parents expect a wholesome experience:

To keep up the façade that the only late nights you spend are in Van Pelt, it's best to schedule family activities during the daytime hours. Take it as an opportunity to enjoy the parts of Penn that hungover you never can. Attend a Penn sports game or dine at your favorite (non–BYO) brunch spot. And if you do choose to go out the night before, please bathe first: parents can still smell vodka through your Febreze shower.


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