Navigating Reading Terminal Market for the first time, I wove through all the vendors until I found Fox & Son. The illuminated corn dog sign was a dead giveaway for the self–proclaimed “fancy corn dog” shop. I gravitated towards the posted menu, which looked as if it were plucked right out of an old–fashioned soda shop.

Fox & Son offers a selection of your favorite fried foods with a twist. They sell “fancy” corn dogs, with ingredients that range from sweet potato chorizo to cheddar jalapeño, as well as some “fancy” french fry dishes like garlic parmesan or cheeseburger. When ordering, you can choose between pork and beef, all–beef, turkey, or vegan hot dogs.

I ordered a combo meal that included one classic corn dog, small fries, and a fountain drink ($8). Waiting for my name to be called by the cashier, I watched as my all–beef hot dog was battered and fried, and my french fries were cut and tossed right in front of me. When my name was called, the cashier handed me my meal, which was plated on a classic, all–American paper boat.

As an avid state fair attendee, my love for corn dogs runs deep. Let me tell you, Fox & Son does not disappoint. The batter on the corn dog is fried perfectly, not too doughy and just fluffy enough, and the ratio of bread–to–dog is exactly right. The french fries are cooked to a perfect crisp, and I even tasted a hint of malt vinegar on them.

I decided I couldn’t leave Fox & Son without trying one of their funnel cakes ($5.99). Topped with powdered sugar, this funnel cake looks and tastes exactly like the ones you buy from state fair vendors. The cakes are sweet and doughy, the way they should be.

If you want reminisce about the times you’ve almost thrown up fried Oreos on the Gravitron (maybe that’s just me) or just want to pretend you’ve tasted good fair food, give Fox & Son a try. There’s no way you’ll be disappointed by their gourmet spin on your favorite childhood foods.


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