When entering the shop on 11th and Chestnut streets, your eyes immediately dart around to the plethora of multicolored Post–its that coat the walls of the restaurant. The aromas of gooey cheese and fresh bread guide you to the register. Ordering here is pretty simple: Rosa’s offers a plain slice of cheese for $1.25, toppings for an extra 50 cents, and the option of buying an extra slice for someone in need. With each charity purchase, you can also write a Post–it to contribute to the decor of the restaurant, so think of some profound message to leave on the wall. I opted for “hi.”

Each satisfying and simplistic slice delights; every bite will conjure memories of your favorite childhood pizza place. The thin, crispy crust likens New York pizza, and the slice errs more on the side of cheesy than saucey. Rosa’s cheap, simple slices are sure to fill whatever pizza craving you have.

The pizza at Rosa’s may not be some novel, fancy thing, but there’s a sort of comfort to each bite that is almost indescribable, possibly stemming from the generosity of the restaurant itself. At Rosa’s, the pay–it–forward program annually provides thousands of homeless people in Philly with hot and cheesy slices. This program is immensely popular, even earning the owner, Mason Wartman, a spot on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.


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