For the first time in its 45 year history, Spring Fling will no longer be held in the Quad. Spring Fling, which falls on Saturday, April 14 this year, will now be a single day event that coincides with the traditional headliner musical performance. Penn's Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC) has announced significant changes to the structure of Spring Fling this year, including a new venue and shortening of the overall festival. 

In the past, Fling has been two days. SPEC Spring Fling committee has organized daytime performances and food vendors in the Quad as well as a carnival on College Green. These events are separate from the Spring Fling headliner performance, which is organized by SPEC Concerts.

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Linda Ashmead (W '20) is one of three SPEC Spring directors who made the decision to move the annual festival from the Quad to Penn Park's South Field, which is located just south of the Hamlin Tennis Center near the South St. bridge. The move signals an attempt to reinvigorate Spring Fling, which has faced attendance issues in recent years. 

"We hope to increase turnout and promote a stronger collaboration between SPEC Spring Fling and SPEC Concerts," she explains.

Additionally, the festival will be a single day, instead of the two–day event that past years have seen. Linda hopes that this change will allow them to funnel more resources into a dedicated date, and give the event "a more festival vibe." 

SPEC plans to announce the Spring Fling performers and programming sometime in March, as well as more about the layout and organization of the Saturday festival.

For more information about Spring Fling 2018, check out the Facebook event here.