The 2018 Grammys were a whirlwind of pride and disappointment, talent and mediocrity. In all of the hub bub and craziness that goes along with one of the biggest nights for music in the year, some artists emerge triumphant while others take some major L's. Here are Street’s lists of the winners and losers of this year’s ceremony. 

Winner: Kesha 

Two hours into the night, Kesha brought up a killer lineup of some of the most iconic female performers to ever grace the Grammy’s stage: Cindy Lauper, Camila Cabello, and Julia Michaels, among others. The quadruplet performed Kesha’s ballad “Praying,” which is an explicit renunciation of former producer Dr. Luke and all of the other men in entertainment whose toxic misogyny and abuse continue to repress women in the industry (the group also wore all white outfits in honor of the Time’s Up movement). Incredibly talented, amazing, show–stopping, unafraid to reference and not reference, put it in a blender, give birth to it (Ed note: watch this. Yaaas, Gaga). Jaws were on the floor and hearts were opened. Brava, ladies, brava. 

Loser: artistic achievement 

First of all, how in the hell were Despacito and Bodak Yellow nominated for multiple awards each? This year, the Grammys chose to favor commercial appeal over artistic endeavors in not only selecting their nominees, but in choosing who got to take home the golden gramophone. Lorde—the only female artist up for album of the year—was the only nominee for that category not asked to contribute a solo performance. Meanwhile, we didn't even ask for a U2 performance. And while we're at it, who asked for Bono and Sting to come on anyways? At least Elton John and Miley tried to merge old and new with their rendition of "Tiny Dancer" à la Grammy's tradition. I mean, come on. 

Winner: Blue Ivy

The first child of the Illuminati, Blue Ivy Carter, reminded us all of our mere mortal status when she shushed her parents for clapping. Thank you, Blue, for reminding us that no matter how cool our parents (think they) are, parents are always embarrassing af. 

Loser: SZA 

SZA was the most nominated female artist at the awards this year, yet the R&B siren didn’t leave with a single trophy. After putting out show–stopping music videos, collaborating with some of the most talented and creative in the industry, and being named on countless year–end music review lists, SZA was majorly snubbed. And, in a move that no one—and we mean no one—saw coming, Alessia Cara took home the gold for best new artist. RIP. 

Winner: Bruno Mars 

On the other hand, your fave lil’ shorty won literally every award he was nominated for, including the coveted Album of the Year. Mars ended the night with a total of 6 gramophones, and left it all on the stage with his performance of “Finesse” alongside Cardi B, bringing major In Living Color vibes and the dance moves we all still love him for despite his creepy "Lazy Song" music video. 

Loser: the camera man who kept cutting away during Rih’s killer dance moves at the end of the song. 

Two words: fireable offense.  


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