It’s been a minute since Logic sounded like the rapper we were first introduced to with mixtapes such as the Young Sinatra trilogy. It’s not that subsequent releases since then have been poor or completely lacking of the same rapid–fire delivery and hard–hitting braggadocio found on his early mixtapes; it’s that the tone has simply felt different. Under Pressure felt like a biographical album, The Incredible True Story served as a concept record, Bobby Tarantino sounded like a fun but vapid mixtape, and Everybody was a politically charged release.

With “44 More,” Logic seems to be hinting at a return to his original style for the time being. It’s one verse of 44 bars, and calls back to the original “44 Bars” from Bobby Tarantino. The beat is a synthetic–trap sound, popularly found on radio show freestyles and perfect for his lyrics. As Logic spits lines like “Yeah, it’s happenin’ ‘cause I’ve been livin’ in a world on my own / Leave me alone, I’m in the zone where I’ve been prone to destroy shit,” the internal rhyme schemes and speedy flow come across as highly reminiscent of the Young Sinatra trilogy. 

Overall, “44 More” covers themes such as opponents in the industry, family problems, and Logic’s own status as a hip hop star. The lyricism, the content, and the flair are all there. After Everybody, which had important socially impactful tracks such as “1–800–273–8255” and “Black Spiderman” but came across as rather repetitive, fans have been clamoring for Logic to return to the form he had when making waves in the underground rap scene six years ago. With “44 More,” he has effectively answered their calls.


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