It was a wild year for cinema, and as much as the Academy Awards are about celebrating all that Hollywood has done in the past year, the 90th Oscars ceremony on Mar. 4 will make headlines for more than just the films. Here’s a drinking game that will make the tearful speeches and slow–moving reveals a little more fun. 

Take a shot: For each not–so–subtly–veiled, yet politically empty, reference to Donald Trump. 

Sure, Donald Trump may have been elected over a year ago, but that will not stop Hollywood from using this awards ceremony as political platform. I mean, Oprah basically ran for president during the Golden Globes...

Take a shot: Every time someone mentions Oprah, or tries to upstage her Golden Globes speech. 

There is no doubt in the world that Oprah stole the show at the Golden Globes. Her speech bore an uncanny resemblance to those given by presidential candidates and subsequently prompted a social media storm and speculations of her prospects for candidacy in 2020.   

Take a shot: Each time the winner praises the loser for losing BEFORE thanking their team. 

It’s a humble–brag, right?

Take a sip: Each time someone references sexual misconduct, but never the abuser. Chug if they name names. 

This year was rough for Hollywood. Revelations of sexual assault took the industry by storm, with dozens coming forward to expose industry leaders like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey for their long histories of abuse. These revelations sparked the #MeToo movement on Twitter with millions of women around the world showing solidarity against sexual assault

Take a sip: Each time someone mentions last year’s La La Land and Moonlight Mixup. 

It’s hard to forget when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway incorrectly presented La La Land with the Best Picture Award at the 2017 Oscars. Despite changes to the envelope opening process to ensure that this will not happen again, there is no stopping Jimmy Kimmel (or any other attendees) from making a few jokes referencing it. 

Take a sip: Each time The Shape of Water wins an award. 

With 13 Oscar nominations, it'll be no surprise when the film is called multiple times for awards. Alternatively, take a sip when Dunkirk (8 nominations) and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (7 nominations) are given awards as well.  

Take a shot: Each time you catch yourself wondering why the “blackout” protest began and ended with the Golden Globes. 

The Golden Globes started off promising, with most of the star–studded crowd wearing back in solidarity against sexual assault. However, many were left confused as the protest began and ended with that single awards ceremony—many celebrities wore bright ensembles to the SAG awards and said little else about the blackout protest following the show. Come on, Hollywood!

Take a sip: Each time Mudbound breaks a record. 

This Netflix original has received four record–breaking nominations: Best Original Song ("Mighty River" by Mary J. Blige), Best Adapted Screenplay (Dee Rees), Best Supporting Actress (Mary J. Blige), and Best Achievement in Cinematography (Rachel Morrison). This is the first time in history that a black woman has been nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. It's also the first time an actor has been nominated for a performance in a film directed by a black woman. 

Take sip: For each person who goes up to receive an award, but doesn't get to say a word. 

It's commonplace for recipients' speeches to be cut short, but even more common for whole squads of people to go up to receive one award. Most of the time only one person actually gives a speech. So count how many silent recipients go up, and take a sip for each one. 

Now the only thing standing between you and Oscar party success is actually having watched the movies. Fake it till you make it!