As we all begin to defrost and put away our winter parkas, we understand that Spring is here. With it brings allergies, chatter about summer internships, and the start of uncuffing season. Before you officially cut ties or skip town for the summer, here are some still–cuffed date ideas:

Eat Outside

There is nothing better than eating outside as the sun sets later in the day and you are able to soak in all of the vitamin D that you've been missing for months. Take your significant other to a cute restaurant where you can dine al fresco and people watch (we know that’s the true best reason for eating outside). Some of our favorite spots include Tria, a wine bar that serves up snacks and sandwiches, Graffiti Bar (pro tip: visit during their happy hour for appetizer and drink specials, including $4 dumplings), and for something a little closer to home, the outdoor patio at City Tap House

Visit Spruce Street Harbor Park 

Spruce Street Harbor Park is a summer staple, but its peak season actually starts in the spring. Get a head start on this go–to canoodling spot and visit the Distrito outpost on the barges for tacos by the waterfront. Franklin Fountain also has a shipping container–turned–ice cream stand to give you a sweet fix. There are tons of hammocks for lounging around as well as carnival favorites like skee ball and funnel cakes. Take a romantic stroll on their boardwalk or roller skate for a real couple–y experience. Note: Spruce Street Harbor Park opens for the season on May 11th, so it’s perfect if you're hanging around after finals. 

Go For a Walk/ Bike Ride/ Anything, Just Get Outside! 

A nice (free) date is taking a walk. You can walk into Center City, on the Schuylkill River Trail or around University City. Take advantage before it gets too hot out and all you want to do is sit in front of a fan. You can also rent a bike from Indego and bike around the city for a more mobile form of outside activity. 

Get some Ice Cream 

The first opportunity to get a cold treat is something that you cannot pass up. If you want to go all out for this, trek to Old City and visit Franklin Fountain. This old–fashioned ice cream parlor has crazy sundaes with all homemade toppings, plus some odd flavors, think teaberry gum,  and even vegan ones! The trip down is totally worth it and honestly you can eat this for dinner because you are an adult, right? Warning, they only take cash so be sure to have some handy! If you want to stay in University City, walk to Lil Pop Shop on South 44th Street. This popsicle store has tons of different flavors, including dairy–free options. These will cure your craving for something sweet, plus you don’t have to travel far. 

Go to a Phillies Game 

During the month of April, the Phillies have a college special that is $15 for a ticket and includes a food allowance on the ticket of up to $12. So basically you can eat some food and end up paying only $3 for your actual ticket. Further, this is a great chance for that perfect spring baseball Instagram. 

These aren’t just great dates for your significant other, but can be great for a group of friends, for your mom when she comes to town, or even yourself because #treatyoself.