If you’re in Chicago this summer, I’d like to think you are uncovering the government conspiracy that somehow created the anatomically bizarre “deep dish pizza.” But if not, don’t worry— Street has you covered with five things to check out in the area that are just as cool.

Oak Street Beach: Outside of driving for days to a real ocean, if you’re stuck in Chicago, Oak Street Beach is the closest you’ll get to reenacting a Corona Extra commercial. So, give it a try — the breeze off Lake Michigan might even cure your heat stroke.  

Movies in the Park: This summer, the Chicago Park District's annual Movies in the Park is hosting over 200 outdoor movie screenings across the city. With different movies featured every night, you’ll have many showings to choose from. Either that, or you need to reevaluate why your outdoor-movie standards are so spectacularly high. Check out a full list of movies and locations here.

Your Pick of Rooftop Restaurants and Bars: Let me break it down for you — there are few things more satisfying than simultaneously fulfilling our primal thirsts for food and drinking while atop a skyscraper. And though it might be a splurge, try during Happy Hour to get your  shots (Insta and alcoholic) on the cheap. A few local favorites are Apogee and Joy District in River North. Just remember, too much alcohol is rumored not to mix well with 75-story elevator rides.

Wrigley Field: If you visit Chicago and don’t go to Wrigley, you’re missing out on some serious local and national sports history. Built in 1914, the baseball park is home to some of the world’s most loyal fans and most annoying cheers. Sorry Cubbies fans, you know it’s true. The remaining games and event are available here on the schedule

International Museum of Surgical Sciences: I’m not usually one to recommend pre-med field trips, but the International Museum of Surgical Sciences has 16th–century amputation saws and a cast made from the death mask of Napoleon I. That’s, like, a pretty big deal. If you check it out, remember to politely decline any “experimental procedures” from pushy plague doctors.