Are you in the mood for pizza that's a step above the rest, including well–loved, but well–worn on–campus favorites like Zesto's or the pizza in Houston Market? Venture to Baltimore and 43rd streets for epic pizza, an amazing beer selection, and extremely relaxed vibes. 

Penn students tend not to venture uptown past 41st or explore Baltimore. Baltimore, especially next to Clark Park, is the spot for young trendsetters searching for cheap, good eats and chilled out cafes. Sitting on the corner, right across from the Saturday farmer's market, is Clarkville. I walked in with a friend after a morning at the farmer's market when the menu piqued our interest—and I'm so glad we did.

The starters were delicious, ranging from warm cauliflower salad with kale, pickled onions, cauliflower, pieces of bread, and a delicious vinaigrette, to meatballs, roasted mushrooms, and beets. 

But the pizzas absolutely steal the show. I was talked into getting the Honey Pie by my friend, initially skeptical about the vast array of flavors listed in its description. This was easily one of the best slices of pizza I have ever tasted. The salty–sweet combination of crispy Brussels sprouts, cheese, bacon, and spicy honey drizzle was uniquely incredible and extremely filling. 

After going back a second time, I can attest that the other pizzas are consistently delicious. The pizza is $15, but definitely enough to split with a friend and still leave satisfied. While the pizza is some of the best I’ve tried, I wasn’t thrilled by the desserts, so I would definitely recommend venturing somewhere else near there if you’re looking for something sweet to top off your meal. 

If you’re ever in need for a quick food adventure and want to explore a new area just a short walk from Penn’s campus, Clarkville is the place to go. It is the perfect setting for all your weekend brunch or weekday dinner desires.