Netflix has officially released the highly anticipated third season of the Emmy award–winning reboot, Queer Eye.This season we're following the Fab Five—Tan France (the fashion guru), Antoni Porowski (the food and wine connoisseur), Jonathan Van Ness (the grooming specialist), Bobby Berk (the design whiz), and Karamo Brown (the culture expert)—as they travel through the Midwestern city of Kansas City, Missouri to offer advice and make people over from the inside–out. This is the reality TV series' best installment yet—and this is why. 

[Street reviewed Season 1 of Queer Eye in 2018. Read the review, calling it "new, raw, and necessary."]

Photo By: Christopher Smith/Netflix

This season is a huge tear–jerker, more so than previous seasons, and that's because the people chosen by the Fab Five to receive makeovers are just so damn deserving. They select people that are relatable, lovable, and have been through some rough situations. From a widowed husband and father of two, to a strong black lesbian woman ousted from her home by her religious adoptive parents at 16, the participants' stories of resilience and their respective journeys to happiness through their week–long makeovers with the Fab Five exceed the surface–level "rags to riches" trope present in a lot of makeover reality TV. Instead, it preaches messages of strength and growth. In short, Queer Eye's newest candidates make the show worth watching, leaving you feeling inspired and in need of a box of tissues. 

Photo By: Christopher Smith/Netflix

The Fab Five themselves have also upped their game. They're funnier and fresher than ever. Jonathan continues to be the most outspoken and the tallest (even without his signature high heels) of the group. Bobby has definitely stepped it up by showing off more of his lovable personality and creating some seriously beautiful home makeovers. Tan and Antoni give simple, yet effective advice that the candidates actually adhere to while Karamo introduces relevant cultural experiences. 

What truly makes this season is that the group is the most compassionate they've ever been on the show. Maybe it's due to the type of candidates they feature this season, but all of the members of the Fab Five, at one point or another, delve into meaningful heart–to–hearts with the Midwesterners, bringing a level of understanding, emotional intelligence, and personal vulnerability that is usually reserved only for culture expert, Karamo. But they never overstep their boundaries, and the respect with which they navigated the harsh circumstances of those on the show was admirable and moving, emphasizing the importance of self–care and confidence–building.  

Photo By: Christopher Smith/Netflix

Oh, and did I mention the Fab Five introduced a new member? An adorable white French bulldog named Bruley who has arguably stolen Antoni's spot as the cutest of the bunch. 

At the height of their fame, the Fab Five have managed to top themselves with their third season by combining the nostalgic satisfaction of old makeover TV shows like What Not To Wear and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition with personal narratives of vulnerability, self–love, and acceptance. All this comes together to make Queer Eye the most fun, necessary, and heartwarming series of the decade.