Calista Lopez


Film & TV in the Age of Mass Shootings

Until last week, I thought my life was insulated from gun violence. Now I have some questions. 

What to Do This Holiday Season in Philadelphia

What to do around Philly this winter.

I Tried Making a Classic Día de Muertos Dish. Here's What Happened.

As a Hispanic Penn student, I always feel better when I eat something that reminds me of home.

Five Election Movies to Get You Pumped to Vote

Watch these classics to get in the voting mood on November 6. 

Bloomers’ Fall Show: Great Jams, Perfectly Timed Skits, and Funny Women

The show will run from Thursday, Oct. 18 to Sat., Oct 20. 

‘A Star Is Born’ Shines

It’s a painfully raw and human film that unapologetically shows the very best and worst life has to offer.

Elle Winter: Disney’s Next Big Thing?

Meet Penn’s very own Hannah Montana. 
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