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Calista Lopez


Roundup: Best of Adult Animation TV

Who said cartoons are just for kids?

'The Curse of La Llorona' Simplifies Horrifying Folklore into a Formulaic Franchise

This legendary Mexican folktale deserved so much better. 

Ranking Every Marvel Movie from Worst to Best

Know which Marvel movies to watch before 'Avengers: Endgame'

Best of the Best: Stephen King Adaptations

Five adaptations that the King would approve of. 

'Unicorn Store': It Glitters, But It's Not Gold

A sparkly, sugar–coated, and underwhelming 92 minutes. 

Existential Crisis Movie Roundup

Curl up and embrace the uncomfortable nothingness of life with these ten movies. 

The Problem with 'Unplanned'

Why this Christian film isn't just bad—it's dangerous. 

Hulu's 'The Act': A Horrifying Retelling of True Events

Maybe mother doesn't know best?

Double Threat: Spring Fling Headliner Miguel Acts, Too

Before you get Flung, check out these two films featuring Miguel.  

Season Three of 'Queer Eye' is More Inspirational Than Ever

The Fab Five is back with their signature advice and charm.

'Captain Marvel': A Promising Prototype

One small step for Captain Marvel, one giant leap for Marvel–kind.

Book–to–Movie Adaptations to Look Out For in 2019

Don't feel like reading the book? For these ten upcoming adaptations, you don't have to.

Celebrate Black History Month with Hulu

The Best of Hulu's New Collection 'Black Stories'

Dream–Casting the Upcoming 'Wicked' Movie

Wicked is flying into theaters in 2021—who will play our favorite witches and wizards?

On Learning all the Wrong Romantic Lessons from Disney Films

Four ways our favorite childhood movies misrepresented love.

The Ted Bundy Tapes: Unrevolutionary, Sad, and Tiresome

This docuseries goes in–depth about Ted Bundy's story, but it's hardly anything new.

The Ghostbusters are Returning in 2020—and Leslie Jones is Not Having It

Who’s she gonna call (out)? 

British, Bawdy and Brilliant—‘Sex Education’ is as Raunchy as it is Heartwarming

Why this Netflix teen comedy–drama is so much better than the Birds and the Bees

'On The Basis of Sex'—Accurate, Sentimental and Necessary

The inspiring, true RBG origin story you need to watch. 

We’re Watching ‘YOU’—And It’s as Creepy as It Sounds

Why this Netflix Original is the perfect balance of creepy, trashy, and thrilling.
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