You might know at least one of these musicians—Labrinth, the British singer–producer noted for collaborations such as “Pass Out” with Tinie Tempah; Sia, the Australian singer famous for “Elastic Heart” and her David Guetta mix “Titanium"; and Diplo, the American DJ celebrated for his contributions to “Paper Planes,” “Look At Me Now,” and “Where Are U Now.” The artists are talented in a variety of ways, but what if they were to come together and create a magical partnership? Well, it just happened.

Diplo confirmed last year that he was working on a collaboration album with Labrinth and Sia, and now the record has arrived. Preceded by five singles that form half of Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present... LSD’s ten tracks, the trio dropped the record April 12.

The trio opened the hype with “Genius,” released in May last year as part of the FIFA 19 soundtrack—Labrinth croons that “Only a genius could love a woman like she” as Sia says “You’ll be my Einstein, my Newton, my Galileo, and my Hawking.” Alongside the following single, “Audio,” the psychedelic themes of the music videos reflect the acronym of the hallucinogenic drug. 

“Thunderclouds” has been the big hit among the singles for its promotion for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with Labrinth and Sia’s electric choruses reflecting the stress associated with the experience of paranoia in a relationship. Diplo’s instrumental is full of light drums and guitars that display the positivity that survives such situations, as the singers’ trust in their significant others is rewarded. The song’s video features Maddie Ziegler, the Dance Moms alumna also known for appearing in the music videos for Sia’s “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart”.

The most recent singles were “Mountains” and “No New Friends,” tracks about love and finding happiness that were released in November and March, respectively. Featuring Labrinth’s tenor and Sia’s wide vocal range over tropical beats courtesy of Labrinth and Diplo, these buoyant releases built further hype for the group's debut record.

Now that Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present... LSD is out in record stores, listeners are able to check out the five other songs. Standouts include the intro "Welcome to the World Of", with hallucinogenic–themed lyrics from Labrinth and Sia and ethereal production courtesy of Diplo, and "Heaven Can Wait," which serves as a powerful anthem about the desire to live in the face of overwhelming personal obstacles. Additionally, a "Genius" remix concludes the album in smooth way with a dynamic, wordplay–filled guest verse from rapper Lil Wayne. 

Overall, the record does an excellent job of capturing pop psychedelia and allowing each artist to play to their strengths while covering a diverse range of themes. LSD's self–titled debut meets the expectations that come with group members of this caliber.


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